Stop waiting, start living. Choose well with Health Compare

Dr Arun Ghosh

If you’re waiting to be referred by your GP for hospital treatment, or if you’ve been referred and have been waiting for more than 18 weeks, Health Compare can help you get your treatment faster, for free.

Choosing Well can result in...

  • Receiving your treatment months earlier
  • Treatment at a higher quality rated hospital
  • Care from the consultant you choose

Here are the 3 things to do, right now, that will help you get your treatment quicker…

1. Know your rights

In England, you have the legal right to choose which hospital you are referred to for your NHS treatment anywhere in the country.* This choice includes NHS and private hospitals. Also, if you’ve already waited more than 18 weeks for your first appointment, you have the right to change provider.**

Free Consultation

To understand your options

2. Search and compare hospitals

Search and compare NHS hospitals, and private hospitals (including those that provide NHS treatment across England) by using our search and compare tool, below.

If your GP decides you need to be referred, you don't have to choose a hospital for your NHS referral during your appointment, take your time, consider your options carefully.

If you’ve been referred already - use our site, you'll see that waiting time variation between hospitals is huge - some hospitals consistently treat their patients months quicker than others.

You can choose well by comparing hospital waiting times, Care Quality ratings and more - then make enquiries of the hospitals to confirm when they can book you in. Then ask your GP to switch your referral.

Don’t get stuck on a waiting list when you don’t have to. Where you select could mean being treated weeks earlier - or later!

Think private health insurance is too expensive? Think again!
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Save on average £420 a year †

3. Speak to a doctor or clinician

If you prefer to speak to a clinician to help you choose or change your referral, we partner with Ghosh Medical who for a limited time only, are offering a free to use service where the Ghosh Medical team will discuss your options to get your treatment faster.

We partner with Ghosh Medical to offer a free consultation, where the Ghosh Medical team will discuss your options.

free consultation

In order to assist, Ghosh Medical ask that Patients have their NHS number, unique referral code and referral GP details to hand.

Dr Arun Ghosh, General Practitioner, MBChB, MRCGP, DFFP

† When switching via Assured Futures based on a review of 300 clients that switched to a comparable or better policy between August 2021 and March 2022