About Us

Helping you to compare NHS and private hospital treatment options, NHS GP practices and online GPs, home care, live-in and nursing care providers.

Health Compare is a health and care service comparison website that helps you to choose a hospital, GP or care service. It is the only platform that helps patients and families to compare all available options in one easy-to-use platform – paid for by the NHS, by you privately or covered by insurance.

Search results show the latest available data on quality ratings, waiting times and % of cancelled operations at NHS and private hospitals, with General Medical Council data on over 50,000 consultant doctors included within hospital listings.

Our unique algorithms allow you to search for your nearest hospital with an outstanding quality rating and the shortest wait times for a range of treatments, anywhere in England.

We’re passionate about championing and empowering patient choice. That’s why our platform is free to use and impartial – with no sponsored search results. Regardless of whether they display an NHS or private healthcare organisation, search results on Health Compare always appear in the same fair and impartial way.

Health Compare is an independent company created by a team of healthcare, informatics, technology and legal experts. We use the most up-to-date available data provided by the NHS and England’s independent regulator of health and social care services, the Care Quality Commission.

We created Health Compare to help you:

  • Learn about the healthcare choices you and your family can make with your doctor to find the best place for your treatment.
  • Understand your NHS right to choose where you’d like to receive hospital treatment and the range of options available.
  • Search for hospitals with the shortest waits, to choose the hospital you would like to be referred to for NHS treatment or would like to switch your treatment to if you have waited over 18 weeks.
  • Clarify what ‘going private’ can mean – most private hospitals offer treatment paid for by the NHS and over half of NHS hospitals offer private treatment for self-pay and insured patients.
  • Compare health insurance cover and identify the hospitals where different policies can be used, including cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

We're keen to make the site as useful as possible and welcome any feedback and suggestions to hello@healthcompare.co.uk.