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How Does the Online Doctor Search Work?

Follow the steps below to search and compare online doctors in England

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Search and compare online doctors for virutal appointments

1. Search and compare

Use the site to choose a online doctor practice in England. Some offer free NHS Virtual appoitments and some are self pay. Choose the right option for you

Make enquiries at your choice of online doctors

2. Make enquiries

Once you have considered the right online doctor for you, use the site to make an enquiry at one or more providers

Select an online doctor and request a referral

3. Select chosen online doctor

If your online doctor says you need a referral, inform him/her of your chosen hospital and request an appointment. Make sure you understand if the referral is an NHS referral (which is free) or if private, to be paid for by you or your insurance

52.6% of people surveyed did not know they have a legal right to choose an NHS or private hospital for their free NHS treatment

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Find the right online doctor and book your online consultation for either NHS or private treatment

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† independent poll conducted of 2,000 people carried out in April 2022 by onepoll

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Read Our Guide to Online Doctors

Still have questions? Why not read our guide to selecting the right online doctor for you

A Guide to Online Doctor Consultations

In this guide

  • What is an online doctor and can they replace or complement my NHS GP practice?
  • Online doctor need-to-knows
  • How to pay for an online doctor service
  • What are typical costs?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for a consultation

Most consultations with online doctors or video link appointments will attract a charge. However, there are many free services offered by the online doctor service providers as well. There are a variety of pricing options available across different service providers, depending on what you want. We provide some headline detail of their charges for you to consider on our site, but you will need to make an enquiry or visit their website to make sure you understand the charging criteria and the full benefits as well. Sometimes online doctor consultations are offered free as part of medical health insurance policies. Interested in hearing more? Make an enquiry of them through our site or visit their website for more details.

How do I make an appointment and how quickly can I see a doctor?

It may depend on what time of day you get in touch. You can often book an appointment 24/7 but you are likely to be offered a consultation during normal business hours. Most online doctors will go to great lengths to get you in front of a medical practitioner within a couple of hours, during usual business hours, even at weekends and bank holidays. Speed of access is a key factor of their service. You will need to make an enquiry and read their terms and conditions for a precise answer. Different online doctor services will have different terms and pricing options which may affect how quickly you get the access you seek.

Will my regular GP know about the consultation?

The online doctor will ask you about this. If you want your regular GP to keep your health records complete and up to date, it would be usual for the online doctor to write to them to explain about the consultant and the outcome. Just like a consultant at a hospital will write to your GP about the treatment you are receiving. Some online doctors offer a service of becoming your regular NHS GP. What to learn more? Make an enquiry of them through our site or visit their website for more details.

Are online doctors safe to use?

Online doctors are required in England to be trained and registered with the General Medical Council, just like your regular GP.

These practices are also regulated by the Care Quality Commission, just like your regular GP practice. You can find out more about the online doctors on the websites of the providers. See the links we provide.

As with all healthcare providers, confidentiality and privacy is very important to the online doctors and they will advise you in relation to any privacy concerns you have. Make an enquiry of them through our site or visit their website for more details.

Sometimes your online doctor will tell you that you need to be physically examined before a complete diagnosis can be made. If this is the safe course of action they will tell you.

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