Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Information

The latest Covid-19 update from Health Compare.

UK Government Coronavirus (Covid-19) Position

For the latest official health advice and guidance, please visit the following websites:

Health Compare Position

The UK health system is among the very best in the world and Health Compare recognises the significant impact and challenge Covid-19 continues to present.

Waiting times and numbers for many NHS services in England are at all time highs, with a backlog of cancelled or rescheduled treatments expected to remain at least until the threat of Covid-19 subsides.

As the health service addresses unprecedented challenges across the country, the often significant variation in both quality of care and waiting times has continued throughout the past year and is still the case today.

Patients still have a right to choose where they are referred to for their NHS treatment, as well as the right to change if treatment hasn�t started within 18 weeks. Health Compare�s mission is to help people find and choose the right hospital for their treatment, whether paid for by the NHS, their insurance or personally.

By using Health Compare�s hospital search and comparison tool, you can search for your treatment and the distance you�re willing to travel to have it performed, potentially finding a higher quality hospital in England (both NHS and private/independent) that could perform it sooner.

Please note that whilst our hospital comparison tool is designed to present the latest published health data from across England, due to the current circumstances actual waiting times for your treatment may be less reflective of the latest reported data than usual.

New Referrals

Once you�ve spoken to your GP and require a new treatment referral, you can use the hospital search functionality on Health Compare to identify the provider you believe is the right one for your treatment, prior to your GP confirming your referral.

18 Weeks

You then have a legal right to start your consultant-led treatment within 18 weeks of your referral. GPs and other healthcare professionals have been encouraged to continue making referrals throughout the pandemic to ensure patient safety and enable providers to book patients into slots where appropriate.

Health Compare Services

During these unprecedented times, there has been a significant increase in the usage of online doctor services plus purchase of health insurance, as patients seek to take control of their healthcare and when and where it is delivered.

Health Compare offers a range of search and comparison tools to help you find the right solutions for you and your family simply and quickly, for these plus other health aspects.

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