Pre-existing Condition Insurance Cover

What is a pre-existing medical condition? A pre-existing medical condition is a disease, illness or injury that you already have.

Health insurance is primarily designed to give you insurance cover when you fall ill to address newly arising medical conditions.

One insurer*, uniquely offers policies that provide limited cover for certain pre-existing conditions, should there be a flare up of one of a specific set of pre-existing conditions covered by their policies.

Policies may include cover for up to two of the following pre-existing conditions, chosen from the outset:

Medical Condition Description
Acne A common skin condition, which can cause spots, oily skin and sometimes skin that’s hot or painful to touch. Acne usually develops on the face, back or chest.
Arthritis A common condition that can cause inflammation and pain in joints.
Asthma A common lung condition which causes breathing problems.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Can cause tingling, pain and numbness in your hand and fingers and is from pressure being placed on a nerve on your wrist.
Crohn’s Disease A condition where parts of the digestive system become inflamed, there is no cure however treatment can reduce and control symptoms.
Diabetes A condition where your blood sugar levels are too high.
Eczema A skin condition which causes red, itchy, dry and cracked skin which can become inflamed with blisters.
Fibrocystic Breast Disease A type of benign breast disease, which means it isn’t cancer. Many breast lumps can be due to fibrocystic changes.
Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease A condition where acidic gastric fluid flows backwards and can result in heartburn.
Glaucoma A common eye condition which can lead to loss of vision as the optic nerve becomes damaged.
Hypertension Is also known as high blood pressure and if left untreated can increase your risk to further serious problems.
Psoriasis A skin condition which causes red, itchy and scaly patches of skin.
Ulcerative Colitis A long-term condition causing the rectum and colon to become inflamed.
Varicose Veins Are veins that become enlarged, lengthened or twisted and can be caused by weak valves and vein walls.

Additionally cover for these kinds of pre-existing conditions will be subject to annual limits of £1,000 typically. However, each year that the policy is maintained, the annual limit rolls up by a £1,000 to a maximum of £10,000 after 10 years, provided cover has been continuous and there have been no claims relating to the pre-existing condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Health Compare make recommendations?

The information found within your search results is provided for information purposes only. It is the user's responsibility to interpret their individual results on Health Compare and consult with the healthcare service providers they feel best suit their requirements.

Please note we are not qualified or authorised to give medical or financial services advice or recommendations and would never seek to do so.

Are you giving insurance or financial advice?

No, Health Compare does not provide any form of insurance or financial advice.

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What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing medical condition typically is an illness or health condition that you have sought medical advice upon or for which you have received treatment in the past, before the start of your new health insurance policy. However, insurers may have differing definitions as to how a pre-existing condition is classified.

We recommend that you speak to the insurance provider or broker directly for advice if you have questions about your options.

New to medical insurance; can I get cover for a pre-existing condition?

Many people feel motivated to take out private medical insurance to cover a condition, after they have had a negative experience or faced a wait for consultations or treatment with the NHS.

However, many Insurers do not cover you for a condition that you have received advice or treatment for in the last five years. It is also common for insurers to cover a condition after a two-year period if you have not sought advice or treatment for it and you have a policy in place for those two-years.

That said, all of the brokers who we feature specialise in insurance for pre-existing conditions to some extent and we suggest that you speak directly with them, under no obligation.

Already have medical insurance; can I continue cover for a pre-existing condition?

One reason people have been reluctant to change insurers or explore their options with other providers, is that they fear that they will lose cover for existing conditions. As a result there are many people who are potentially paying too much for their cover.

Whilst this may be true, changing insurers can lead to conditions being no longer covered, it may not be the case for many people. We suggest that you speak directly with the insurance providers and / or brokers, under no obligation.

For the most part if you have not had to see a specialist in the last 12 months and have nothing booked in to see a specialist in the future you should be free to move providers without the need to lose cover.

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